Write for Us + Real Estate Guest Post: Detailed Checklist for Dos and Donts

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Real Estate is growing steadfastly. As a result, there are plenty of changes happening in the field. Moreover, with the wave of real estate and redevelopment, numerous projects are coming up in every corner of the world. Herein, there are many things that we need to be aware of related to real estate, especially the nuances related to the field.

So, if you are currently in the real estate industry or have a keen interest in keeping yourself up-to-date about the subject, this is the opportunity for you. Our website is looking for experts who can contribute to Write for Us + Real Estate Guest Post.

We suggest you read the below sections to understand better the process and what we expect from the candidates.

What is the Website About?

Our website qtransformers.com is a global platform that aims to invite writers who can contribute their expertise to a broader audience. We strike the perfect balance between readers and writers by presenting engaging content and solutions to readers and a medium for writers to share their thoughts.

We cover multiple genres, ranging from health, fashion, technology, science, and much more. Currently, we are expanding our segment to another trendy genre, Real Estate, and hence calling out all potential writers for Write for Us + Real Estate articles and blogs.

We expect the content to be a certain way and hence recommend our writers follow specific rules. Here is a sneak peek of the same in the below sections.

Real Estate + Write for Us – General Points to Consider

Proceeding further, do not forget to go through the guidelines to perfect your content that may go on to attract the attention of plenty of readers.

  • We expect our content to add value to the readers. Hence it is recommended to conduct thorough research on the latest topics related to the genre
  • Grammar is the core of any article or blog. It must be intact. Check all Write for Us Real Estate on the Grammarly tool before sharing
  • There should be no plagiarism detected in any content. For this, you can employ plagiarism tools like copy space, Grammarly, or others available on the internet to check the articles
  • Maintaining uniformity throughout the article is imperative, whether it is fonts, font size, spaces, or consistency
  • Ensure every paragraph and section is accurately linked, adding value to reading.

“Write for Us”+Real Estate – Why Onboard as Guest Bloggers?

If you are also wondering about the perks of joining us as guest bloggers, then here are a few listed:

  • The website has a global reach, and writing for “Write for Us” + Real Estate content will increase your visibility.
  • Our website ranks among the top searches, which helps in adding a strong project to your portfolio.
  • It is a golden opportunity for every aspiring writer to kickstart their career.
  • On the other hand, if you are a professional, it will prove to be another lucrative addition to your resume.
  • We allow you to increase your network by connecting with writers from similar genres.
  • Each blog will include a small bio of the writer, allowing you to build your reach.

“Write for Us” + “Real Estate” – Process of Onboarding as Guest Bloggers

The process of onboarding us as writers is very easy and simplified. You welcome all potential candidates to share their Real Estate + “Write for Us”. Ensure to incorporate all the necessary points mentioned above in the sample article.

Please send us the samples via Email at [email protected]. Please note that our editors will thoroughly analyse the content. In addition, we will be sharing an approval mail to all the candidates who have qualified for the assessment through email with further details.

Write for Us+Real Estate – Important Criteria

  • Real Estate Write for Us content must be based on the latest topics and trends in the field.
  • The font should either be Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman
  • Maintain the font between 10 to 12 points
  • Use plagiarism and Grammarly tools to proofread the content
  • Grammar and spelling must be proper
  • Include tables, points, multiple subheadings, images, and a conclusion
  • Add keywords in the title, subheadings, and paragraphs

Final Conclusion

All the points are well elaborated in the paragraphs, as mentioned earlier. We are excited to onboard writers for our Real Estate “Write for Us” content who will add value to our website and assist talents in adding a new curve to your career graph.

You can also share your views and opinions in the comments section below.

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