Write For Us + Shopping Guest Post: Tips For Writing A Creative Guest Post Article!

About general informatiol Write for Us + Shopping Guest Post

The article discusses how to write a highly qualified guest post article to meet the needs of Write for Us + Shopping Guest Post readers worldwide.

Were you the person with immense experience with recent shopping trends and performances? Can you highlight the shopping deals and offers floating around the internet for our Write for Us + Shopping Guest Post readers? Then it’s time to turn your shopaholism into useful content writing articles, but you must follow standard writing procedures; those procedures are clearly stated in the sections below; don’t miss any points so that you can able to create a highly qualified and reader’s friendly article.

About our website “qtransformers.com”

Our platform’s sole principle is to impact and transform our Shopping + Write for Us readers’ lives through our content, so we named our website “q transformers.” It indicates that all of our articles are highly informative and go above and beyond to assist our readers in learning and implementing what they have learned. Our highly transformative ideas fall under the categories of,

  • Website review
  • Products review
  • Legal
  • Law
  • Entrepreneur
  • Shopping Tips
  • Gaming tips
  • Education
  • Health

Write for Us + Shopping writers Desired responsibilities and skill sets

Shopping is an activity that boosts our mood, irrespective of its mode of execution, whether online or offline. 

As a result, we ask the “Write for Us” + Shopping writers to share their shopping knowledge so that our readers will be well informed.

Responsibilities: The interested person didn’t need an essential educational background regarding shopping activities.

Skill sets: Writers must have strong proofreading, editing, and drafting skills to create compelling content in error-free English.

Write for Us Shopping Reference topics

Shopping possesses never-ending topics within itself. Thus, it may range from fun and relaxing topics to awareness-generating topics. The writers must choose interesting and trending shopping topics, and writers can take note of the below-mentioned topics for further reference.

  • “Write for Us” + “Shopping” writers can also share legit shopping deals and coupon codes.
  • How can online shoppers provide more offers when compared to offline shops? What is the secret behind online shopping deals?
  • Things to keep in mind when entering personal information while doing online shopping
  • Tips to spot illicit shopping sites, and how do you stay aware of these sites?

Shopping Write for Us articles Guidelines

  • The article should be written within the word limit of 750 to 1500. Please don’t exceed this suggested word limit.
  • Articles should be written in a neutral tone without promoting any shopping sites or companies.
  • We recommend that writers use grammar-checking tools to ensure that their articles are error-free.
  • Our platform only delivers 100% unique Write for Us+ Shopping articles, so the writers should not copy and paste any information from the internet.
  • Writers should insert a commenting section and description part without fail.
  • Writers can also include a creative style or conversational way of writing.
  • Articles should be backed up with authentic and reliable content; please don’t spread any fake shopping updates in the articles.

“Write for Us” + Shopping articles SEO guidelines

  • The article must include the necessary SEO keywords to achieve a high Google index ranking.
  • Writers can use any application to find apt and accurate keywords about the chosen title.
  • Kindly avoid overusing the keywords.
  • It is necessary to include legitimate inbound and outbound hyperlinks at the end of the article.

Shopping + “Write for Us” writers Benefits

  • Writers will benefit from our platform because we will give credit to each writer rather than publishing under the admin name. As a result, our readers will learn more about the person behind each work.
  • We have been optimising each article accordingly, so our article will perform well regarding Google ranking and crawling activities.

How to submit the Shopping “Write for Us” article?

The article needs to be submitted via online mode, and here is the contact email address [[email protected]] to submit it to our team:


We strongly advise all writers to read our platform’s terms and conditions before submitting their work to us, as our team will retain all rights to all Write for Us + Shopping Guest Post articles, which may be subject to changes. Thus, please read the important instructions and contribute your knowledge about Shopping to our platform. 

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