Jordan Santiago Death [Oct 2020] Reason, Cause of Death

Jordan Santiago Death Updated 2020

Jordan Santiago Death [Oct 2020] Reason, Cause of Death >> The post highlights the incident and the arrest of Jordan and help readers know about Jordan Santiago Death

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Every detail regarding the death of victim and arrest of the offender of the accident is shared here in this post.

Davie Town Police reported the arrest of Jordan Fuss, and he was arrested on charges of an accident where a life of a boy was lost. It was a road accident held on the October 3rd 2014 at the Stirling Road intersection of Davie Rd.

Jordan Fuss was driving his black four-door G35 Infinity 2004 model on the Davie Road in the Davie Town, Broward County, Florida. He was driving his car at top speed and soon observed that the vehicle’s speed is high, almost two times above than the set limit, i.e. 45mph. It was recorded and captured at the camera installed at the red light of ATS. 

The camera recorded the highest speed of the car that ranges between 92mph and 108mph, as confirmed by Traffic In charge, Don Felicella. The traffic video confirmed that the vehicle was changing the lanes many times, and the driver failed to lower the speed when entertaining the intersection. As a result, the vehicle crashed, and the vehicle’s right side was damaged when it hit the second vehicle. 

There was a great impact on the second vehicle as it split into two after the crash, and it caused death to the centre rear passenger in the vehicle, Santiago Mondragon. He was a white male of six year. 

As the car crashed, Jordan in the vehicle 1, was noticed by a passenger who witnessed the accident, Sonya Dozier. She was sitting next to the driver’s car seat in the vehicle 1. 

  1. Holste, who was the officer, reported the Jordan Santiago Death. At the time of inspection, the officer noticed that Jordan was intoxicated, and he was rushed to Memorial Hospital East, where his intoxication was confirmed. 

Officer got the warrant from authorities for the collection of blood of Jordan Fuss. The blood drawing was done for medical testing by the Memorial Hospital East. The toxicology report of Jordan was released from the Broward County Medical Examiners and Trauma Services. The report confirms that traces of Ethanol were found in the blood sample with a higher concentration and it is estimated that the level of concentration was 0.21g/dl. 

According to the witness and evidence statements, Jordan Fuss was driving his four-door car Infinity G35 of 2004 model on the Stirling Rd and the incident occurred at the intersection of Davie Rd under a heavy dose of alcoholic beverages that is above the set legal limit. With his fast running car, he collided with a car at the intersection, resulting in a major accident in which the life of six-year-old Santiago was lost. After that, he was arrested and taken to the hospital for testing and treatment, and the boy has confirmed as dead on arrival by the medical professionals.  

So, the Jordan Santiago Death case was reported by the officer. If there is something important about the incident, please share it in the comment section. 

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