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About general informatiol Education Write for Us Guest Post

The article explains the guidelines to be followed by the Education Write for Us Guest Post writers while submitting their articles to the Qtransformers team.

Are you the type of person who loves to write educational articles? Can you uplift the students’ moods and encourage them with your online writing? We are a team of people who strongly believe that Education Write for Us Guest Post readers and students are the backbone of society, and we can strengthen them by providing proper education. That is why our team has picked up this topic, and we expect the writers to present it informatively.

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We are an eminent content creation platform that helps people to enlighten themselves by reading our Education + Write for Us articles. And we are proud to say that our esteemed and professional writers understand our readers’ interests and have been publishing the articles accordingly. In addition, our professional writers address this set of topics.

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Desired educational qualifications and skill sets for the Education Write for Us writers 

Education is one of the most active topics, constantly updated due to new inventions, theories, and even students’ changing mindsets. Therefore, education articles should be addressed more carefully because the tone of the article and its information have the power to change the mindset of the youngster. Thus, the “Write for Us” + Education writers should present the article by keeping it in their minds.

Professions: Experienced Teachers, Professors, Education Executives, Financial Advisors, Psychology Doctors, Parenting Specialists, Food Dieticians, and many more professionals can participate in this vibrant blogging opportunity. They can also combine their field experience and present it in their educational articles.

Skill sets: They should have the ability to write an error-free article in simple English.

Write for Us Education Sample Topics

While selecting the education topics, the writer has to keep this critical point in mind: the article should be able to provide a solution or suggestion for the educational problems existing in our day-to-day lives. Therefore, it doesn’t always need big things; it can also be small. Thus, we ask the writers to choose the “Write for Us” + “Education” topics in such a manner.

The following are some examples.

  • What are the easy ways to remember a wide range of information? Take methods like mind maps, tricks, mnemonics, etc.
  • What are the viable options to be considered while taking an educational loan?
  • Types of educational insurance and more information about the maturity period and claiming rules
  • Tips for maintaining a healthy body and mind for the students

Write for Us + Education articles Guidelines

  • Writers can guide the students or parents about the educational institutions, but please don’t promote and advertise them. That is neither our responsibility nor the purpose of this guest blog.
  • The word limit for the article is 750 to 1500.
  • The writers should only use information from legitimate sources; Write for Us+ Education writers can use governmental and non-governmental reports to strengthen their claims and suggestions.
  • It is a requirement to submit only 100 percent unique articles. To ensure that value, we advise the writers to use any online plagiarism tools.
  • Writers should pay close attention to grammatical errors because even a simple punctuation error can convey a different meaning, and thus the writers have to be more careful and they should be able to produce error-free content.

“Write for Us” + Education writers SEO guidelines

Little Additions to the main Article can increase SEO Score of the article and here it follows,

  • Include the appropriate article title and heading tags.
  • Make use of the target keywords in the article, and the writer should not also overdo it; they should maintain the keyword densities properly.
  • The spam score of the article should be in the range of 5 to 6%.

Education + “Write for Us” writers Benefits

  • Our team recognizes the writers’ work on a higher level, which helps them to gain the most recognition, and their recognition can invite more future opportunities.
  • Furthermore, because our website receives many monthly visitors, each guest post article will receive significant web impressions and popularity as well.

How to submit the Education “Write for Us” article?

Writers can reach us via this Email Address: [email protected]. And this email address can be used for submitting and contacting our team in case of any doubts.


Our website would like to conclude the article by stating simple terms and conditions, and that is, the editors hold the rights over the selected Education Write for Us Guest Post articles because they know more about standard protocol and writing morals, and they may need to change the Educational articles according to the needs and age of the readers. Therefore, we request the writers accept his condition before submission.

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